Witch gotta work

The holidays are over and I am back to work today. The magic and the mundane have to mix  when you do not have your own spiritual bizz. Sometimes I struggle with this, because I like my job but I like writing, slinging cards and studying Chakra’s more.

So why did this witch choose to have an office job?

Bye Bye Boss Witch

Back in the day I had my very own side hustle as a copywriter and (for the lack of a better term) VA. I started a blog in 2015 and I got some positive responses to it. I was overjoyed when some creative projects followed, contributing to other blogs and some cool assignments. Because I had a full time job I had the luxury of experimenting and doing most of these gigs for free. Busy times but because I didn’t feel at home at my dayjob I grabbed all the opportunities I could get.

Then, when I decided to go pro in 2016 I had two big clients and some time to take on smaller assignments. I started off pretty strong, loving the freedom, creating my own hours and doing what I loved at the time, writing! And with the jobs I took I had the great fortune that I didn’t have to work from home all the time. I got to meet some awesome people and work from some pretty cool places. Sounds pretty rad, right? But this is where my lesson started to unfold.

Because my monetary lifeline came directly from my creative business I found myself needing to compromise. Taking on other jobs next to writing, giving away my value to make my rate more interesting and at one point going against my gut and staying with a client out of fear I would not be able to pay my rent. I felt drained, frustrated and above all uninspired.

So when through some really weird circumstances that one client fell away I felt it was time to re-evaluate how I ran my business or get a parttime job so I could still work for my other client. The latter came to be. But when I got pregnant I just did not have the energy to work 6 days a week anymore, and I focussed on my parttime job and happily released my business completely. This experience has taught me that I need to value myself more, to listen to my gut and that I do not want to write for anyone else (unless we click like crazy).

Hello Witchy (Office) Worker

This parttime gig has brought back some much needed stability in my life. I know it doesn’t sound very adventurous but getting to this realization has been quite the adventure for me. My coworkers are cool, I’ve recently got some new tasks (love a new challenge at the moment!) and I am proudly contributing to our household. Also getting into the office and focussing on my tasks, chasing coworkers and getting sh*t done makes me feel like I’m part of a team and I’m putting my time to good use.

Another perk is that I can get my witch on during 2 extra weekdays and explore and develop my spiritual practice. I am writing again and doing different courses that I love. I’m learning new things, connecting to like minded people and feeling my creative juices running again. There might be another side hustle in the future but there is absolutely no rush.

I am very grateful for my dayjob and I will practice gratitude when it comes to work more consciously. And yes, I will attempt to keep this vibe even on crappy Monday mornings when I want to switch off my alarm with a baseball bat. Because there is magic in the mundane, it just takes some time and appreciation to see it 🙂

So when you’re not getting your witch on, what do you do in your daily life? I’d love to know!

Much love


Photo’s by Death to the Stockphoto &  Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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