Witch be witchin’

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling it lately. My keyboard muse had silently taken her leave and I was fully engaged with all the excitement of a new job and routine. I kept my spirituality to myself and when I felt like it shared some of it on Insta. But writing new blogposts, nah thanks.

This would have made me feel super lazy in a bad way, but you know, sometimes being lazy is just what you need to get the creative juices flowing again.

I unapologetically enjoyed slacking off, not writing and took my time to get into the groove at work, spend time with my tiny family and friends, sling cards, learn about witchcraft and making my very own Book of Shadows. More doing and less sharing I suppose, and I felt great. And now it feels so good to get my hands back on the keys again!

More witchin’ less writing

To write about interesting stuff I need to get out there and do shiz. Go for walks, gather stuff for my altar from nearby woods or the beach.  I’ve been on some wonderful adventures, to the dunes at Bergen aan Zee, to a Self Compassion course in Arnhem and an witchy evening walk with Naomi getting a little taste of channeling.

Experimenting and experiencing like these last few months has brought me so much joy!  To harvest sweet chestnut blossom of the cool grass after learning about the romantic and prosperous properties, how awesome is that?!

O, hi, did I introduce myself, serious nerd in the house…

Plus I feel more in touch with myself now. All the things I did nourished me, both physically and spiritually. I have finally come to terms with the fact I’m not my job. I am so much more! What brings home the bacon is not the definition of who I am, it is part of the puzzle. Both the magical and the  mundane are givng my life it’s pearly shine. Like the Sun and the Moon, Gold and Silver.

Back to sharing again

Pouring from an empty cup is pointless and i must admit I had some work to do in the energy department. At the beginning of this month I have called back my power and said goodbye to the last thing that was draining my energy. I celebrated my birthday, enjoyed the wonderful weather and went on holiday with my tiny family.

My heart is full again and I feel ready to write, create and share my witchy weirdness.


Much Love,




Coverphoto by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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