Thoth girl Thoughts – 3 of Swords 

I recently met with  a new friend who shares my passion of Tarot, it’s so cool to discuss different views on certain cards. When I arrive in the café where we take our tea, Naomi is already shuffling her cards and showing me her new love: The Wild Unknown Tarot. And she also has the Thoth at hand, yaye!

After I order my chai latté I ask her to show me the 3 of swords card from the Wild Unknown, I do not know the deck other than the photos on Instagram. We get into a very cool convo about what we think about this much dreaded card.

Now, Naomi is longer in the Tarot game than I am so when she gives her opinion I take it to heart. We both look at the 3 swords bound together by a red ribbon. I like the depiction (Kim Krans’ artwork is amazing!!)  but I don’t feel the despair. Not in the way I do when I see the Thoth version in front of me. Eeek, the black clouds driving out the light and the bend swords give me a feeling of utter confusion and sadness. This card reflects how it feels to be at your wits end and trapped by negative thoughts from which there is no escape at the moment. This baby is on my alter as we speak for a career spread so this feeling is quite easy to reproduce the emotion. Heartbreak isn’t my first association with the card, but perhaps when the question is about a relationship I might see it that way.

But then Naomi offered her thoughts about the RWS depiction. As the Swords suit represent the element air and with that our mind she sees the (sometimes) painful transformation from heartfelt wishes into practical plans. And the despair when fear and/or failure join this transformation. When an idea just doesn’t work out or when there is no clarity as to where to start making that idea a reality. There is so much joy in just cherishing an idea and feeling our hearts leap when we think about it. Breaking that monogamous relationship with our creativity makes us vulnerable. Open for criticism, failure and, goshforbid, Succes! Because the latter could also be a showstopper for the dreamers who would like to remain exactly where they are.

This is where the heart and the mind stumble upon conflict. The sharp thoughts piercing the soft tissue of the heart, making the ideas seep out. But do they bleed out or eventually bloom once they are freed of their soft encasement? That is up to the receiver of the card, is he or she ready to face the discomfort or is there more clarity needed before they take action?

Back to the Thoth depiction 🙂 The 3 of Swords is a card that pushes you to work and while it might be hard at first there is so much to be gained. The darkness invites you to search, the clouds to clear your mind and the shedding rose to examine the shedding petals, in this case your hearts desires or wishes. A new rose will bloom, new ideas will flourish so now is the time to see which petals are worth saving and work with. The risk of failing is present, but wouldn’t it be a bigger shame if you didn’t give your ideas a fighting chance and aim for the sheer fun of it?

So many new questions to ask when this card makes its appearance, I think we should talk and think some more about our beloved cards and the situations they apply on. This chat has surely enriched my grasp on the card! Thanks Naomi! <3

What are your thoughts on the 3 of Swords? I would love to know!

Much love



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