Thoth girl thoughts #2

Me and my Thoth deck have been going steady since 2002. The artwork called to me in a way the original RWS will never do and there are layer upon layers of symbology and messages. Numerology, colors, Kabbalah, mythology. Everytime I discover somethin new I get that feeling like when you are in a longterm relationship and your beau still has these hidden characteristics which make you crush all over again. GUSH…

So you just purchased your very first deck, which is awesome! Do you need some inspiration as to how to connect with your deck?

There are lots and lots of fun ways to connect to your deck! First of all I want to encourage you to do the things that feel right for you, take your deck wherever you go with you or use it in one specific place only, it doesn’t matter, there is no right or wrong way to reading tarot. As long as it feel right for you!

Also, approach using tarot with a light heart. Yes it is a wonderful spiritual tool and it needs to be nourished (as in keep the deck safe, treat the cards respectfully no need to tear up cards you don’t like, etc) but don’t place so much value on it that a reading makes your stomach ache. It’s supposed to be fun!

So let’s get into it!

Get yourself a cuppa or even better a glass of wine and make sure there are no interruptions. Check out all the cards carefully, let the artwork calmly make an impression on you. And take note of what you feel when you look at a card, which cards make you all warm and fuzzy inside and which ones don’t tickle your fancy. Maybe get your favorite and least favorite cards out and look at them side by side for a bit.

After letting the images work in on you it is time to pull your first card (or more when you want to of course)! I like to ask the deck to show itself to me before I pick a card. Now I’m not sure which was the first card I pulled 15 years ago, but when I did this with the Mary-El Tarot the 2 of Discs greeted me. This told me that the Mary-El will give me valuable insights and will be an aly in my intuitive development.

To get connected to the tone and voice of the deck, try working with it on the daily. Do a daily draw, pick a card with your morning coffee or just before bed to ponder upon. Make it a thing, grab the guidebook as well and study the meaning of the cards as the artist interprets them.

You could also make your own guidebook and jot down the keywords and feelings you associate with the card. Actually journaling is a great practice for connecting with your decks messages as well. I love doing this when I do a reading, makes me order my thoughts and get to the core of the message and it’s practical meaning for me.

And then the slinging is on! Do different spreads with your deck, like full moon or new moon spreads. There are loads of spreads on the interwebs and YouTube, give it a go! And my latest craze are Instagram challenges, the prompts are given so all you have to do is sling and share.

I hope these activities are helpful for you to start working with your deck! If you have a specific way of getting acquainted with new decks I would love to hear about it!

Much love XO


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