Thoth girl thoughts #1

In my ever expanding exploration of the Tarot one thing has remained the same from the get go: I do not believe Tarot predicts the future.

It is such an alien concept to me that a couple of cards (with all due respect of course) would illustrate the roadmap of our lives. Set in stone, unchangeable.

The Lovers might bind you to a current boy- or girlfriend, the Three of Swords signifies  your break-up. Damn, what would happen if The Hanged Man made his appearance, would you be stuck forever in this relationship?

Obviously this is a very simple illustration of taking the Tarot waaaay too seriously 😉 Our choices create our future, not the cards. Plus there are many cool ways to integrate the cards into your current situation.

I find the Tarot helps me to get in touch with my gut feeling. When I see the negative aspects of a card first I know I need a reality check. Find the root of my dismay. And when a card lights me up at first sight I know I’m doing something right.

Journalling pairs beautifully with this practice. Sometimes I write lean and mean and sometimes a 3 card reading turns into its own novel. Plot twists left right and center. Once it is all written down I can emerge in the message and sit in it for a bit.

Tarot doesn’t work unless you do!

But that’s not the final station of the Tarot train. Tarot is about taking action. When the message is on the table it’s time to do the work. Get wrid of those unserving habits, pick up the phone and call your bestie, get in that office and negotiate a better salary.

The cards do not magically invite a bag of money, your dreamjob or an amazing romance into your life. They show you what actions you can take to get where you want to go. What you do with this info is up to you 🙂

Thoth girl Tarot

These are just my thoughts about the Tarot and in no way a decree on how to use Tarot in any shape or form. The most important thing is that you enjoy reading cards <3


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