Chakra Check Up

Chakra Check Up Reading – €33,-

I’ve found the Chakra system fascinating ever since I stumbled upon a book by Anodea Judith some 15 years ago. In Februari 2017 I completed a course in Chakra- and Aura Healing by Civas and I am still studying the subject to develop a deeper understanding of our 7 energy centers.

The Chakra Check Up reading gives you an overview of the current energy flow in your Chakra’s through Tarot. This is what you get when you purchase a reading:

  • A Tarot reading (7 cards) on PDF
  • A personalized chakra check up containing:
    • Crystal healing
    • Fun exercises
    • Color magic


When you are interested in this reading, fill in the contact form below. All is explained from there and I’ll be happy to make some magic for you!

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