Tarot & Oracle readings

Tarot, for me,¬† has always been about seeing the bigger picture and about connecting to my inner compass. To find out where I stand emotionally, spiritually or practically when it’s decision making time.

Reflection, inner work, mirrors to our mindset, cheerleaders and butt kickers.

I believe at all times that we are the ones that make things happen, the cards give us the direction and we go for the journey ourselves. When we do not like what the cards have to say, it is up to us to change what is the unwanted outcome. And when all the goodness is coming our way, according to the cards, then we need to be ready to receive.

Yes babes, magic doesn’t work unless we do!

When you feel comfortable with Tarot as a wonderful and fun tool for self development and spiritual guidance in a practical world you might want to check out the readings I’ve created.

Chakra Check up


O my Goddess

One Question 



* The messages from the readings are not set in stone, they are fluid and you are free to incorporate them any way you see fit. When you need guidance, a way to connect to your subconscious or a healthy dose of magic in your life a reading is just what the witchdoctor ordered! I do feel obliged to state that a reading is in no shape or form a substitute for therapy or counseling and I encourage you to seek out the aid of a health professional when you are in need of mental or physical health support.

** All sales are final