Root Chakra love

Lately I have been called to do some Chakra magic. I visualize them before I go to sleep, to see where I need some charging up or winding down and it has been wonderful. In another blog I will explain this in an more detailed manner but for now I will say I fall asleep much easier. Next to this new practice I’ve been actively working on my Root Chakra.

There might be a series on Chakra love coming up, I don’t know, let’s work through it and see what comes up 😉

Let’s start at the Root Chakra, or Muladhara (Root in Sanskrit) Chakra. This energy wheel is situated at the base of our spine and houses our sense of safety and belonging in the world. All the Earthy goodness of ancestry, family, material posessions and abundance reside in  this Chakra. It is my fav to work on, little Taurean courtesy right there, making sure I am as stable and nourished as I can be before I embark on new endeavours.

When I get carried away by the heaps of information and inspiration fired at me I actually get light headed. And it also makes me wonder if I should check in with myself again to see if I’m inspired or distracted. I would have enrolled in about 3 courses and various retreats in the last week alone if I didn’t go back to center. Plus that money tree planted in the garden is just spitting up pennies, no dosh for 5 different small and big investments. Sorry not sorry.

Root Chakra moving & shaking

Working with my Root Chakra is all about connecting to myself, to my source from the Earth and being grounded. As a spiritual being this is of major importance to me because without being grounded and connected to Earth I would literally be all over the place and inevitably super duper lost. No thanks!

Some really easy ways I have worked on strengthening my Root chakra are jumping, walking barefoot and (surprise!) going for walks. These things get me grounded right away. Jumping gets me back in my body when I am cooped up in my head and walking barefoot, sometimes visualizing roots digging into the ground, make that lightheaded feeling pass. I am anchored. Nature walks really get me back into that mindset because I actually see roots around me, I am a part of nature and my feet touch the ground as I walk. Meditation still isn’t a regular thing for me so I find these walks quite meditative 😉

Root Chakra clearing

In the realm of material and posessions some challenges are bound to pop up. Quite literally in my case clutter lying around the house, clothes that haven’t been worn in ages and books once read catching dust. So cleaning up, getting rid of stuff I don’t longer need or desire creates so much space, in my home and in my head. Plus I get to make friends happy with the things that have brought me joy and pass them on!

Operation cleaning out my closet is still in full swing and I am actually pretty excited to create space for new ensambles more attuned to me right now. And it works! A beautiful friend who’s a dynamite dresser passed down a few of her dresses and sweaters to me, for which I am supergrateful <3

Cleaning and clearing space makes me feel more calm and being in a tidy house is a wonderful reward. I’ve actually set up a tiny altar in my kitchen, making a habit out of washing dishes right after dinner and more homecooking. The old situation had plates grinning at me in the sink every morning as I was making coffee and that didn’t make me feel like I was a good kitchen witch. A clean kitchen space is so much more inviting!

Root Chakra TLC

Lastly I took the time for some relaxing footsoaks with lavender infused salts. The poor things carry me around everywhere I go so they needed some loving attention. Some red nailpolish to infuse some extra Root Chakra energy intp this little selflove ritual. Made me feel pretty luxurious actually, to give myself that kind of beauty treatment, sitting there feeling the salts on my feet and smelling the lavender. Grounding in the most gorgeous way for sure.

Why not add some bling to this TLC treatment to finish it in style? I am wearing a lavastone beaded bracelet for grounding and protection. And there are so many beautiful gems that can enhance the Root Chakra’s energy. Garnet, Onyx, Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline to name a few. Glam up your Chakra work by adorning yourself with the corresponding color and gems, it made my experience with my Root work super fun.


That pretty little red dress will probably make me move up to Sacral Chakra work (TMI!!) and I will let that unfold in the time ahead.


Much Love



*Images from  Unsplash

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