Practical Magic – Chakra Massage

Hey babes! After that awesome writing flow I was in in January, I’ve been slacking off a bit… Blogwise that is, because there has been some practical magic going on this month!

I think Brighid’s fire has stirred up some serious drive and passion, making me crawl out of my shell again. From reading and studying in January on to doing and connecting this February. So for me the timing was absolutely brilliant to attend a Chakra massage class!

In february last year I completed my course on Chakra and Aura Healing and I loved learning about the energy, the properties of each Chakra, crystals, Bach remedies and what can be done to restore the balace. However energy work is a bit too abstract for me and I went looking for something more palpable. So in December of last year I registered for a Chakra massage workshop.

I have been looking forward to it so much, but the week before the actual date my monkey mind woke up. “You know the drive is about two hours. You’ve never given a massage to anyone than your husband. You’ll be surrounded by professionals, you know…” But on Monday morning I left the house and made the drive to Breda, which was actually very pleasant.

Upon arrival I was welcomed by a beautiful Buddha statue adorned with flowers and candles at it’s feet. I was surrounded by women from all over the country, all of them super enthusiastic about the subject of Chakra’s. My fear of not fitting in went right out the window. Shut your mouth Monkey Mind!

In the morning the theoretical framework of the Chakra system was treated. For me this all sounded very familiair, but it’s always good to freshen up the knowledge that hasn’t been used for a while 🙂 Next month I want to write about each Chakra and what it means to me to work with the energies. I’m a huge fan of the Root Chakra (Earth sign, hello!) and this year I’m embracing my Sacral Chakra work, but obviously to have the system work to it’s full extent, all of the Chakra’s need TLC.

Letting go of my roots and going up a bit higher in the ether is a bit scary for me. Because I don’t know what’s out there, what might come through for me, or worse: what if it’s all crickets?!

Because I was still a little bit hesitant I received a massage first, before giving one. But this was an experience in it’s own as well, feeling what the massage was doing to my energy and what came through at the same time.

I’m absolute sh*t at visualization, at best I see colors and shapes, and I saw some gorgeous blue with an orange dot in it while my Heart Chakra was treated. A sign for me that I could make my Heart Chakra stronger by speaking my truth and don’t lose sight of my sense of humor, creativity and passion. Because it might not be full size all the time, but it is there. Unmistakable and undeniable.

After the massage me and my partner talked about my experience and when I grounded again and had some water it was my turn to “get my hands dirty”. During this section of the workshop I was encouraged to step out of my comfortzone and  next to giving a massage, actually do energy work. Zero anxiety to my surprise, giving the massage and adding some energetic pulses  felt natural somehow. And at the end my partner was completely relaxed, that’s what truly mattered to me.

It took me two days to recover from the experience and the ride back and forth but is was well worth it! Now to practice the Chakra massage on my loved ones, see how they like it and how I will develop myself in this area of healing. This day of practical magic has sparked something in me for sure!

I’m planning on riding this wave and working towards a professional massage training. Writing this makes me so excited! Just moving to the third month of the newyear and a plan that fills my heart with so much joy has been formed. Getting away from the books and applying my knowledge in an educational environment has been a good move. And only more good will come from this.


Much love,




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