New Moon, New Me, one Moon later

New Moon in Aquarius is approaching and it has been a month ago that I participated in the New Moon, New Me Challenge hosted by Amanda Wams, the bruja behind Urban Witches Rotterdam (Dutch site).

As my intention for 2018 is Magic, I felt the urge to do more witchy stuff and a big part of that is working with the Moon. Not just doing rituals but make it a part of my daily life. Setting intentions and tracking them as routine pushes  the manditory tasks through the month. One Moon later I see the result and I’m stoked! 

My New Moon intention in January came from my desire to get out of my own way and listen to my intuition. Instead of doing what I thought I was supposed to do, or to please someone else I would take my power back and listen to my inner voice. And she was screaming!

My Intuition

Being connected to my inner compass makes me feel confident, loving and content. When you act from a space of calmness and love there isn’t much that will throw you of course. And yes, it came with ups and downs, sure, I’m still learning to trust myself more. But some major shifts have been made, one Moon later.

New Moon, New Job

As happy as I was in my job, there wasn’t much for me to learn and discover. It turned out to be a waiting game and instead of staying put I felt the need to move on. This is where I claimed my power back, big time, because my loyalty shifted from my employer back to myself. As I’m writing this my contract is being made up, and with the next New Moon in March I will be starting my  new job. Upwards and onwards!

New Moon, New Creations

I’ve felt so inspired and ready for intuitive experiments that I am slinging myself way out of my comfort zone. This New Moon I’m launching not one, not two but three Tarot readings on this website, so stay tuned 😉 Also in preperation for March I created my very first Magical Instagram Challenge, I’m so excited! Let’s be more mindful of the Magic that goes on around us in our everyday life, together!

New Moon, New Flow

There is a time to reap and a time to sow, a time to rest and time to GOGOGO! And I’ve found my flow in the last couple of weeks, and instead of trying to manipulate it I’m going to honor it. I’m not going to force myself to do anything anymore, when I’m done for I will rest and when I’m hit by inspiration I will write, read, go for a walk but not obligating myself to doing so. That to me is freedom.

The effect of the Moon does not end here and I will explore her workings even more, but this New Moon shizz has turned out to be pretty powerful! This makes goalsetting a truly magical practice for me.

If you want to see my magical ramblings, check out my Magical January Recab, in which I also talk a bit about the mooncycles and my other adventures.


Much Love!

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