My Magical 2018

Did 2017 fly by or what?! I’m wishing you all a very happy New Year, may 2018 be that “Fuck YES!!!” year you’ve been working towards <3

In 2017 I felt more and more called to honor my spiritual practice, to share it, even speak about it with my husband (who is as down to Earth as they come) and make it an enriching part of my daily life. More of this in 2018!

Now, that last phrase shows my sheer naivety when it comes to combining a rich daily spiritual practice with early motherhood. Ugh, I was doing so well with my 78 Days of Tarot journal, but I seem to have lost that flow when the holidays and the teeth came in… But funnily enough, it is because of motherhood that I place such value on my spiritual practice. It is what makes me, well me (no not special, because we are all special). And I think it is important that, even when you care for another human, you keep a solid connection to yourself.

That’s why I dubbed 2018 my magical year! This is how I stay connected to that radiant purple center of mine, with magic. Where in 2017 I quietly opened the door and stood there waiting, I will go through that door and go get that magic myself in 2018! Here I am! And I am ready to explore, connect and learn.

It took some time for me to get here. I must admit I could feel quite embarrassed when I got “found out” by one of my coworkers seeing a tarot picture on my phone. You might compare the feeling of having a casual tit-pic in your photo album and realizing this the minute you’ve handed your phone to your colleague who’s scrolling away. Awkward… Root Chakra red cheeks as I tried to casually put my phone away and get a cup of coffee. And why? Because I don’t want them to think I am weird, or worse to dismiss me as this clueless woowoo chick. But obviously those are my inner critics having a fieldday with this 5 minute interaction. I won’t be needing them this year, because if it gets to a point where people ask me questions about the tarot I will be happy to answer. Owning my woo to the fullest.

I will be channeling the energy of the High Priestess throughout 2018 (2+1+8= 11, 1+1=2). She feels like the ultimate architype to guide me on my spiritual development quest. Getting in tune with my intuition and finally learning to trust it will bring a sense of peace into my life. No more hiding and stepping out to show myself feels so empowering with her by my side. Don’t even get me started on that divine feminine, I will practice sensuality, seduction and self-care as much as I can. These vibes started off my new year and I intend to blend it in more and more.

Now, the High Priestess is the architype that I choose and I’m not saying that she is the one and only for 2018. You might follow the year count itself, making the number 18 correspond with your arcitype, or you add up the numbers to 11 and leave it at that. Whatever you do, the only thing that matters is that you feel supported and empowerd by your architype. Go crazy, choose an Oracle card, do what feels good for you and kick of this gorgeous new critter of a year with enthusiam and hope.

Make your 2018 magical!

Coverphoto by Mervyn Chan on Unsplash

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