Imbolc, my first celebration

Happy belated  Imbolc my loves, I hope you celebrated the feast of fire and light well! The days are getting longer and the Earth is slowly waking up with the promise of spring. Green buds and snowdrops are peeking through the cold ground, how exciting!

I was super excited to attend an open sabbath celebration last weekend! There are plenty of ways to celebrate in a solitary way but I preferred the company of fellow witches for this occasion. To make the first step into the community and take part in an actual ritual. I’ve had a lovely time, spoke to some beautiful witches and loved the energy that ruled the afternoon. Vibrant, warm and magical!
We all stood in a circle and held hands, locking the energy in the circle where Brighid’s fire was burning. We all welcomed the elements and were led into a powerful visualization where we saw ourselves lying in the Earth in a deep and comfortable sleep. Then Brighid’s fire woke us up full of hope and ambition. We opened our eyes and stomped around the fire, waking up the Earth as well and sacrificing old Brighid’s crosses and Rosemary in the fire. The smell was divine…

The  Brighid’s cross was completely new to me. Appearantly there are many stories, one of which is that a nobelman on his deathbed, plagued by nightmares and fear who summoned Brighid for help.  She came to him and tried to calm him. They started weaving a cross, putting their full attention and intention to banish the fear into it. The nobelman eventually died with a peaceful mind.

Nowadays Brighid’s crosses are hung above the front door on the inside of the house, to keep out evil spirits and protect the household. But making one of these babies isn’t that easy, I was too caught up in the technique to focus on my intentions. It did clear my mind, that’s for sure.

Once  we were done we hurried back to the fire to bless the cross and shout out our intentions. The air was filled with hope and ambition, buzzing with determination. Hearing all the wishes vocalized around me was so motivating!

We closed the ritual by anointing a white candle and lighting it in Brighid’s fire. I was such a child, so happy with my cross and candle by the end of the day. It’s in the small things, isn’t it 😉 I had a wonderful time learning about the Sabbath, meeting some lovely witches and participating in a beautiful and powerful ritual. I’m immensely grateful to have been part of this celebration, more of this please!

All pictures are taken by Hans Glaudemans

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