Connecting with the Crone

This is getting personal pretty fast dearies, but I feel it is safe to share a little shake down of my family tree and a modest ritual.

With Samhain in sight and the veil between realms thinning I feel the pull of the unknown. I’m as down to Earth as they come, I love practical magic. And as spiritual as I am, the spirit realm is a place I haven’t hung out very much.

But this week I felt a whisper, so oftly I almost missed it. This is when I need to pay attention because my intuition is very, very subtle. Just like shooting past a roadsign at 100km an hour, I have to slow down in order to read it. Let go of the gas pedal and focus on what the sign says.

I could quietly hear my inner voice saying: “Get in touch with your ancestors”. Ok cool, so I’ll do a ritual for my dad. It’s his birthday the 29th of this month so it fits perfectly with what I have in mind for Samhain. My dad  passed when I was 15 years old and I did my first (small) remembrance ritual last year.

My small remembrance ritual

This modest little ritual came to me as a means to send love and thanks to my dad. Mind you I wasn’t  into paganism back then so I wasn’t following any specific protocal. This is what worked for me at the time.

Materials: 3 pieces of rose quartz and a plain white tealight. Nothing fancy but purposefully chosen 😉 Rose quartz is the crystal when you want to practice  love magic and white is (in some cultures) the colour of death. I performed the ritual in my bedroom, so I asked my husband to give me about half an hour before he would come to bed.

I put the tealight on my altar and put the 3 pieces of rose quartz around it. One at the top, then on the rightside and lastly on the leftside. I visualized I line going from one crystal to another, forming a triangle. The latter being the symbol for summoning (normally being surrounded by a protective circle).

After taking a view deep breaths I lit the tealight and calmly invited my dad to have a chat. Or really a listen because I was doing the talking. Telling him how I’ve been and sending him love and gratitude. When I was done I thanked him for being there, said my goodbye and blew out the candle.

It felt very good to give him space and after the ritual I felt very peaceful and calm. Ha, I just realized I did not use a representation of him, of course you can use a picture to strenghten the connection to your loved one.

Connecting with the Crone

However, I should learn to not interrupt my inner voice when it’s whispering, because this is not the ancestor it was talking about. Obviously I will pay my respects to my dad but there is someone I’m called to meet. And I’m very excited!

I’m inspired to connect with my great grandmother, who I’ve never met in person. I have seen her picture before and heard a few stories about her. She passed when my nan was just 8 years old. There is some amazing healing energy surrounding her and I think my nan could use some of this loving energy for sure.

But how to do so? This is a completely new thing for me. I feel like a meditation will be the way to do it and I’m not particularly good at meditating. But I am going to take a swing at it. This down to Earth girl is going to get airbourne in her attempt to connect with the Crone. Going way out of my spiritual comfort zone, but around this time of year it could not be more suiting.


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