Confessions of a nature nerd

When you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen the hashtag #natureheals pretty much around all my nature pics. It’s when I get outdoors and into the green the healing begins. I forget that stupid work thing or what was getting me anxious and I return to center.

Today I would consider myself a full on nature nerd. Touching trees, gathering leafs and taking craploads of pictures during a walk in the park. I am only recently claiming this title for myself.

And while I’ve always been an undercover treehugger I have some confessions to make about my #natureheals insights.

Undercover treehugger the purple fox

Confession #1: I did not discover the benefits of nature strolling untill I had to, doctor’s orders no less!

This practice came to me when I had a doctor telling me I was very close to a burn out. Sitting at home would only make it worse so I should go for a run or walk at least 15 minutes a day.  This was spring 2015 so there was plenty of sunlight and motivation to follow through. Nothing spiritual at all but purely physical, I had to move and breathe in fresh air to prevent myself from loosing my mind. True story.

Confession #2: I’m that person that comes home after a stroll with a bag full of stuff collected from said stroll.

I can get stoked if I find a pinecone, a rock with lines on it or a pretty colored leaf. That’s why I take these little treasures home with me, to bring nature into my home. I do not know what to do with these finds right away but there is always space on my altar. A couple of weeks ago I found some pine branches, which I want to convert into wands. Nature inspires me to get my craft on!

nature nerd the purple fox

Confession #3: All cool things during my walks happen off camera. And I’m very happy that they do.

A 15 minute walk quickly turns into a 2 hour adventure when I decide to bring my camera. I used to aspire being a professional photographer but I lack the patience (and skilled eye). Shooting gorgeous stills on my walks gives me a sense of artistic achievement. But when I lower my camera and just take it all in is when the magic happens. I’ve never seen a woodpecker until earlier this week when I was just gazing through the trees. And instead of taking up my camera I thouroughly enjoyed the sight of this noisy critter.

Sometimes happiness feels much more real when it is just you  experiencing it. No sharing, no explaining, just letting it be your own experience.

Confession #4: Realizing I want to be close to nature made me realize I need to be close to myself.

Projecting what I think others expect of me onto myself had caused me to drift away from my true desires. I love to live a simpel life, enjoying the company of my family and friends and appreciating the little things in life. Big and fancy holidays are not in the cards for us right now and neither is that pair of United Nude boots for me. I’m sincerely cool with that. And totally supportive of the peeps that do enjoy these things.

the purplefox

Over the last couple of years I just figured that isn’t what makes me happy and I started to check in with myself more and more. Being in nature has reminded me that I do not need much, which has been a wonderful insight. Leaving me with less stress and more time to discover my bliss.

This is it, these are my confessions as a selfproclaimed nature nerd and my vision behind #natureheals. Many of you will probably have the same woodies for gorgeous views, big old trees and the occasional interaction with a nature spirit as I do.

If not, I encourage you to get your beautiful bum out to your nearest park, forest or beach for about 15 minutes. See if you can channel your inner nature nerd!


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