Root Chakra love

Lately I have been called to do some Chakra magic. I visualize them before I go to sleep, to see where I need some charging up or winding down and it has been wonderful. In another blog I will explain this in an more detailed manner but for now I will say I fall asleep much easier. Next to this new practice I’ve been actively working on my Root Chakra.

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Practical Magic – Chakra Massage

Hey babes! After that awesome writing flow I was in in January, I’ve been slacking off a bit… Blogwise that is, because there has been some practical magic going on this month!

I think Brighid’s fire has stirred up some serious drive and passion, making me crawl out of my shell again. From reading and studying in January on to doing and connecting this February. So for me the timing was absolutely brilliant to attend a Chakra massage class!

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