Winds of change – my shadow element

Before I had my drivers licence I cycled everywhere. In summer this is a fun way to get around, tanning your legs as you go, but when autumn sets in it stopt being fun. On the rainy days it can suck hard, depending the destination, because I don’t mind cycling home in the rain. But when the wind starts howling it doesn’t matter which way I’m going and I’ll turn into that crazy swearing woman on her bike.

What is it with wind that just gets my panties in a bunch?!

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My Magical 2018

Did 2017 fly by or what?! I’m wishing you all a very happy New Year, may 2018 be that “Fuck YES!!!” year you’ve been working towards <3

In 2017 I felt more and more called to honor my spiritual practice, to share it, even speak about it with my husband (who is as down to Earth as they come) and make it an enriching part of my daily life. More of this in 2018!

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Confessions of a nature nerd

Earth beneath my feet The Purple Fox

When you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen the hashtag #natureheals pretty much around all my nature pics. It’s when I get outdoors and into the green the healing begins. I forget that stupid work thing or what was getting me anxious and I return to center.

Today I would consider myself a full on nature nerd. Touching trees, gathering leafs and taking craploads of pictures during a walk in the park. I am only recently claiming this title for myself.

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Thoth girl thoughts #1

Thoth Tarot Star

In my ever expanding exploration of the Tarot one thing has remained the same from the get go: I do not believe Tarot predicts the future.

It is such an alien concept to me that a couple of cards (with all due respect of course) would illustrate the roadmap of our lives. Set in stone, unchangeable.

The Lovers might bind you to a current boy- or girlfriend, the Three of Swords signifies  your break-up. Damn, what would happen if The Hanged Man made his appearance, would you be stuck forever in this relationship?

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Hello beautiful creature

The purple fox welcomes you

I’m very happy to welcome you to my purple and sparkly corner of the interwebs, The Purple Fox. This is where you’ll find practical magic for everyday life, a positive and encouraging vibe to hang out in and lots of images of cards, nature and crystals. If that floats your boat spend some time here, I’m happy to have you!