About my first Samhain celebration

Although I am familiar with the Pagan wheel of the year and it’s celebrations for a while, I haven’t yet celebrated any of the Sabbaths. But because of my Back to Nature course and new spiritual interests I feel called to honor the seasonal changes.

About Samhain

Samhain welcomes the darkness that is to come this time of the year and is celebrated on 31 October until November 2nd. There are no more crops to be harvested and everything will be stored or sold to prepare for the cold winter months ahead. Luckily nowadays we can get our pumpkins and apple pie from any local supermarket 🙂

Samhain marks the start of the Pagan newyear, a time to reflect on the past and make plans for the future. And to pay tribute to our ancestors, honor our roots. It is said that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the spirits is thin around Samhain. So it would be possible to connect with loved ones that have passed away on this sabbath.

The thin veil also sets the stage for lost spirits to wander. Back in the dark ages people dressed up in costumes to mislead the spirits or even scare them away. This practice has set the stage for the celebration of current day Halloween.

O,  how I loved to  celebrate Halloween by dressing up as a zombie slayer or some weird kind of Dr. Evil. Dancing and drinking the gouls away… #TBT

My sorta solitary celebration

The first easy way to celebrate is prepping a meal to fit the theme. Anything with pumpkin, right?! Even if you’re not openly celebrating Samhain, a pumpkin stew or apple pie won’t propel you out of the broomcloset.

Next year I might check if there are any celebrations going on in my neighbourhood, for now I was happy to explore activities that appealed to me. I burned a candle for my dad, expressed my gratitude and told him about his granddaughter. After talking to him for a while the white candle burned out and I thanked him for his visit.

After browsing around on Pinterest I found a meaty ancestors spread. Going way out of my confort zone and doing a tarot spread with more than 5 cards (might as well do something scary today 🙂 ) I talked briefly about my great grandma in a previous post and I think it was her coming through the cards.

A very meaty reading in which I got the message to stop mucking about and step into my power (hello Emperor) with a bonus message of healing in the Tower. Yes, some sh*t will fall apart if I change my habits and take control of my life. But when the dust settles I have a clear site on which to build my new and improved castle.

I ended the day with a very special gift. I participated in a Samhain Swap, a cool DIY gift swap which ws initiated by two gorgeous witches on Facebook. I was a bit hesitant at first, I haven’t crafted in ages but luckily my “Swappie” was very happy with her herbs, crystals, oil and rune set. As for me, I hit the freaking motherload!

I will dedicate a blogpost on the contents of my Samhain Swap package, after a dozen thank you’s to the talented witch who spoiled me so, I feel like it is appropriate to put a spotlight on all the well crafted goodies. Needless to say this made my first Samhain celebration extra special!



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