About me

The purple fox thoth tarot A little story about my journey 🙂

I’ve always been attracted to mystical things, in my teens I spend all my earnings on spiritual and pagan books, tarot cards, journals, incense and crystals. I was enchanted by pagan rituals, alternative health philosophies such as the chakra system and homeopathy and a big fan of self care books. See what I did there? 😉

But life happened and when I left the Netherlands to live in the UK I didn’t bring my spiritual practice with me. It didn’t seem to fit at the time and back home my books and gems where donated to charity shops. Returning home after nearly two years my focus was to get into college where I studied Tourism Management. Not ending up in that field of work and stuck in a dull office job it didn’t take long before I was drained and lost. Enter one of my old books on chakra healing that still remained on my bookshelf.

I felt a spark of joy reading it and slowly connected to the curious mystic girl that was always lingering in the background. I discovered new books, communities and decided to explore my spiritual interests.  Journaling became part of my routine again and I starting slinging cards and purchasing new decks. I loved the way I could tune in to my subconscious using cards and that there are so much more beautiful people out there sharing their spiritual practice without restraint.

And thus The Purple Fox came to be. This is where I share my spiritual practice, keeping it fun and light. I believe it helps me be the best version of myself and while I’m living a happy, mundane life as a wife, a mother and an office worker, it is possible to experience magic in my daily life. I believe that spiritual growth is a fun experience and the massive side effect is happiness. I believe softness is the new strength and compassion is king, but take no bullshit. Ever.

I believe we have everything we need to start our spiritual journey today.

So feel free to hang out, share your experiences and surf on the good vibes here at The Purple Fox.

Lots of love,