Thoth girl Thoughts – 3 of Swords 

I recently met with  a new friend who shares my passion of Tarot, it’s so cool to discuss different views on certain cards. When I arrive in the café where we take our tea, Naomi is already shuffling her cards and showing me her new love: The Wild Unknown Tarot. And she also has the Thoth at hand, yaye!

After I order my chai latté I ask her to show me the 3 of swords card from the Wild Unknown, I do not know the deck other than the photos on Instagram. We get into a very cool convo about what we think about this much dreaded card.

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Thoth girl thoughts #2

Me and my Thoth deck have been going steady since 2002. The artwork called to me in a way the original RWS will never do and there are layer upon layers of symbology and messages. Numerology, colors, Kabbalah, mythology. Everytime I discover somethin new I get that feeling like when you are in a longterm relationship and your beau still has these hidden characteristics which make you crush all over again. GUSH…

So you just purchased your very first deck, which is awesome! Do you need some inspiration as to how to connect with your deck?

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Winds of change – my shadow element

Before I had my drivers licence I cycled everywhere. In summer this is a fun way to get around, tanning your legs as you go, but when autumn sets in it stopt being fun. On the rainy days it can suck hard, depending the destination, because I don’t mind cycling home in the rain. But when the wind starts howling it doesn’t matter which way I’m going and I’ll turn into that crazy swearing woman on her bike.

What is it with wind that just gets my panties in a bunch?!

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My Magical 2018

Did 2017 fly by or what?! I’m wishing you all a very happy New Year, may 2018 be that “Fuck YES!!!” year you’ve been working towards <3

In 2017 I felt more and more called to honor my spiritual practice, to share it, even speak about it with my husband (who is as down to Earth as they come) and make it an enriching part of my daily life. More of this in 2018!

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